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Hand Washing Aseptic Isolation and Hygiene 
Staff Cleaning Training and infection control
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Glo Germ
Classroom training Products
Hand Washing Training 
Glo Germ is one of the most effective ways to train students and staff the techniques of proper hand washing and cross contamination of how germs spread. It is used in the food industry, health care, hospitality, and in schools to teach students the importance of hand washing. Every year disease and viruses are spread through contact and one of the best ways to reduce this is by instruction of proper hand washing training. Glo Germ has been used since the 1960's. Fluoresces brightly under a black light and is a highly effective educational tool. Globright is an authorized distributor of GloGerm products.
Glo Germ
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GloGerm™ 4 oz Kit with 6 Inch Light
Includes two 4 oz  Bottles of GloGerm 
Lotion, One Fluorescent Black Light
(Requires 4 AA batteries not included) More info $21.85
GloGerm™ 4 oz Kit with Brighter LED
UV Light
(Requires 3 AAA batteries not included)
More Info $25.90
GloGerm™ Mist with Gel Deluxe kit.Includes Gel powder, light, Mist, Mist refill, surface gel and Carrying case. $133.75
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