Globright Black light Reactive Invisible Ink Pens and markers

At Globright we offer a wide variety of Invisbile Ink Pens and markers as well as some specialty marking items. 
Each product description below is designed to help you decide which is right for you so take a moment and look at each one.
Our invisible ink pens and markers have been used for a variety of applications from covert marking to inventory control.
Also a very popular among ebay and similar online sellers to guard against fraud from buyers. Learn more about that by going to this page.

Invisible Ink Pen 

This "Spy" Pen is great for marking all sorts of porous based surfaces. Glows bright blue under a black light and is totally invisible on most surfaces. Each pen is in a plastic wrapper and the pen is blank with no indication that it is an invisible ink pen. Used primarily for identification and security applications. In red and blue colors.


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