GloGerm Basic Kits
Basic kits include Glogerm and a light

GloGerm Basic Economy  Kit 2

Includes one 8 oz bottle of Glo Germ and a Brighter 9 LED black light flash light. (3 AAA batteries not Included)
Great kit for teaching proper hand washing. If you are looking for a brighter option than kit one, this is a great choice.

Using GloGerm™

Hand washing Training

The Glo Germ™ Kit contains a bottle of liquid or gel, a bottle of powder (In select kits), and an ultra-violet lamp. The liquid or gel and the powder contain the plastic simulated germs, and the lamp illuminates them to test the effectiveness of your (and your workers’) practices.

1. Shake the bottle of GloGerm oil well and place a small amount, about the size of a quarter, into the palm of one hand and spread over both hands completely as if applying hand lotion. Be sure to cover hands completely, particularly under nails, around cuticles and between fingers. Wipe off excess with paper towel. Do not let oil contact clothing as staining may result. When using white Glo Germ gel, use same procedure with a pad of gel about the size of a nickel. Wiping off excess is usually not necessary.

2. Place hands under UV lamp to view “glowing germs” that exist before hand washing. Demonstration works best in a darkened room.  
3. Perform the FDA-recommended hand wash using soap and warm water. The amount of effort required to remove the simulated germs is equal to that of removing most bacteria.
Again, place hands under UV lamp, paying special attention to thumbs, areas around nails and between fingers, The UV lamp reveals the remaining “germs” as proof of improper hand washing.

4. Complete removal of Glo Germ with normal washing is more difficult if skin is chapped or cracked, indicating that bacteria is also harder to remove. This will require a hand care regime with a quality lotion twice daily and a judicious use of a hand sanitizing gel.

Surface Cleaning

Lightly dust a small amount of Glo Germ powder over an entire surface area.
Clean the surface until all visible powder disappears.
Pass the UV lamp over the surface; the remaining traces of powder will glow on the areas that weren’t washed thoroughly. When checking restroom areas for cleanliness, UV lamp may be used for the detection of urine without using Glo Germ powder.

Food Cross-Contamination

Sprinkle powder very lightly over a head of lettuce, tomato or another fruit or vegetable to be processed by trainees so that powder is not visible in ordinary light. Food used is to be discarded after demonstration.
Have trainee’s process food using their normal procedure and kitchen utensils.
Use UV lamp to show how the “glowing germs” are spread to hands, cutting boards, knives and to other foods. 

Be sure to use actual hand soap. Not suggested for use with hand sanitizers. Any standard soap will do as this is about technique and not soap brand. CDC recommends using liquid soap for every day hand washing as bar soap can transmit germs. Some opt to go with antibacterial however GloGerm is a visual based training tool and will not show how germs are killed only how they would be removed by hand washing.

Always Avoid looking directly at UV LED LIGHTS.
Glo Germ
Individual bottle of Glo Germ Powder 4 oz.

Trust us when we say a bottle of this stuff goes a long way. A small amount is all it takes to show how germs spread. If you already have a black light these are individual bottles.


Glo Germ Powder
Add any of the Items below for a full class that includes cross contamination and surface training
Occasionally due to availability we may elect to substitute lights in kits that may differ slightly from what is pictured.
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Or Choose Our GloGerm 4 oz kit with a Brighter 9 LED Flash light $25.90
GloGerm glowing on hand Pictured above is our 9 LED light in Medium light
This Kit includes two 2 oz bottles of GloGerm Gel
And a Brighter LED style flash light.