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Glo Germ Brand Hand Washing Training Kits 
GloGerm is used by Hospitals, restaurants, the food industry, hospitality, hotels, schools and other industries to teach hand washing and cross contamination.


Hand Washing Aseptic Isolation and Hygiene 
Start a hand washing and cleaning inspection program today! Hand washing is the best method for preventing the spread of disease. Our lotion & powders can also be used to insure proper cleaning techniques and be cost effective.

We also carry cleaning training tools for, Motels, Hotels, Hospitals, Elderly Care Centers, Malls, Theaters, Bio Hazard, Hazmat training, Fire dept training & virtually anyone that wants to know. "Did Staff Actually Clean"? Now you will know.
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Best Selling GloGerm™ Brand Kits. Click Here to see all kits and get more info.
GloGerm™ Basic Kit with Brighter UV Flash light Includes  8 oz  Bottle of GloGerm Lotion. Requires 3 AAA batteries not included. More Info
GloGerm™ Lotion Deluxe Kit with Brighter UV Flash light Includes  8 oz  Bottle of GloGerm Lotion and 4 oz Powder Requires 3 AAA batteries not included. More Info