Need an Un-inked stamp pad? Perfect for use with our water based invisible ink or your own. Made durable for use with our Invisible Inks. Will outlast ordinary sponge pads. SIZE = 2 1/8"  x  3 1/2"

Invisible Ink Date or Number Stamp Kit 

For your stamping needs this kit includes one uninked stamp pad, one 6 band date or numbered stamper and 1 2oz bottle of blue invisible ink. Each number is 5mm in size. (approx 1/8 of an inch.) 

Choose from the drop down menu below if you want a number stamp or a date stamp kit.
​Also you can choose additional items from the kit if you need extra or do not want the kit.
(Items in kit may vary slightly from pictured)

Choose Date or number kit type or Ala carte individual items

Looking for a pen? Click here for invisible ink pens.
Inks are non-returnable.
Be sure to use a True Black light. Some surfaces that are already fluorescent may obscure the effects.
What is "Invisible Ink" and what is it used for? Click here for a brief history and uses for invisible ink.
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Bulk orders (Be sure this ink will suit your needs by ordering a small quantity as items such as invisible ink are non-returnable)
Create your own personalized stamp!

Using the Rib Type Kit you can create a personalized stamp using the included letters and numbers. Also includes one empty stamp pad to fill with our invisible ink or standard stamp pad ink. 

​Click here for more info and to order.
Blacklightworld® Brand original UV Black light Reactive Blue Invisible Ink 

Great for refills to our stamping kits & markers
Available in 8 oz bottles only.

Sale $8.99 8 oz bottles.

Here is that hard to find black light invisible blue ink for hand stamps and other unique security applications. Shows up only under black light.
Will not wash off easy like other brands but can be washed off after several washings. Only visible with a Black light. Great for document marking too!
Glows Bright Blue. 
Super Black Light Reactive! Invisible Blue Water Based Ink.

Available in One, Four, and Eight oz bottles

All purpose Blue Invisible Ink will eventually wash off. It is water based. For a more permanent ink for object & security marking we recommend our Neon Blue solvent based ink. This ink is ideal for hand stamping and paper marking or temporary object marking. Totally invisible!
Great For Nightclubs, Secure Prison Entry, Theme Parks, Ticket stamping & All Other Secure Entries.


All Purpose Blue Invisible Ink
Invisible Ink Accessories
Blacklightworld® Solvent Based Invisible Ink
2 colors Red and Blue bottled invisible ink. Can be used on glass, wood, metal, plastic. Perfect for use with stamping applications or in our refillable markers.
Red, Blue, and yellow. Red and blue permanent on most surfaces, yellow for paper and document marking. Not for use on body or skin. 1 oz bottles. Keep away from children. Also available in Invisible Ink Markers.
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Neon Blue Solvent Based Invisible Ink now available in larger sizes, 8 oz and one gallon.